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Air-conditioner intelligent power saver

Air-conditioner intelligent power saver
Product Detailed
power saver,energy saver,>10k,price=25usd/pc (1)singe phase (2)offer OEM,ODM (3)All kinds plugs, (4)with FCC and CE,ROHS.

 Air-conditioner intelligent power saver

save electricity + protection, save money + free from worry, power saving rate is 15% to 35%.

First section, product summarize

Conventional air-conditioner setting the temperature in one point ( for example: setting at 24°), Once the room temperature deviation, the host of the air-conditioner will stop. This kind of situation brings shortage is that we won’t feel comfortable in a Constant temperature; after stop the air-conditioner, the cold air power in the host of air conditioner and the pipe will scattered in to the air naturally; The shock by start/stop the host frequently will increase expending of the electronic power and shorten the life of the air-conditioner.

Air-conditioner intelligent Section appliances controlled by microcomputer chip and mill optimization control software which can control the best time of the mill, The traditional room temperature control through constant a point the way, but the festival appliances optimization arithmetic into control in a surface range, control the best start/stop time and cold evaporation time, the fan can work by make full use of the Remaining cold. Will host the pipeline and air conditioning can slow sent to heat, make the room temperature indoors on maintaining section appliances optimization software calculation of one facet range, improving the refrigeration efficiency. The optimized air conditioning system reduces the air conditioning of host start/stop number, also reduced the host start-up of the air conditioning equipment impact of (starting current is normal working current of 4-7 times), of the air conditioning equipment to achieve protection function, energy saving rate at 15% - 35%. Widely used in office, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, schools, factories, hospitals and other air conditioning equipment use place.

 Second section, saving electricity principle

This section appliances is through optimizing compressor running curve, make full use of refrigeration equipment remaining cold quantity to improve the efficiency of refrigeration. Mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1, Save lower temperature electricity: by compressor running curve knowable, compressor running in close to lower temperature, the machine temperature, current increases, the consumption of energy increase, and refrigeration temperature decrease or no longer drop very few, at this time, the intelligent economizer output signal control its downtime, saving energy, and at the same time, this part compressor system fully rested for cooling.

2,compressor stop working, there still have a surplus of air conditioning in the system, at this moment, indoor fan has been blown out of work, so when the system is in air conditioning, or residual air conditioning used up, the section of the output signal to control electrical compressor start work, so circulation, will reach energy-saving effect.

3,prevent compressor frequent starting: compressor start/stop controlled by the thermostat, above goal, lower temperature stops target temperature open, the actual observation is a few minutes of a back-and-forth, belong to frequent startup, both creates big impulse current, and consume electricity while intelligent economizer work cycle is a few minutes of a back-and-forth, avoid to compressor with large current frequent impact caused and prolong the service life of compressor.

Third section, Electricity-saving schematic

Before and after Electricity-saving 5 horse air conditioner

room temperature change and power diagrams

Functional features: improve system running power factor and make full use of air conditioning system, improve more than cold refrigeration efficiency, energy saving rate up to 15% - 35%, automatic control, once set, no need to manual operation and the adjustment. High-performance microcomputer control chip, stable and reliable performance, service life is as high as 10 years.



Power rating



Senior molded case

≤ 5 horse



Aluminum alloy

≤ 5 horse


Forth section, Product appearance and instructions for use

 Five section, Product appearance and instructions

 Switch: Choose electricity-saving or bypass state.

Power: The power indicator says section appliances have switch on the power electricity work.

Bypass: This light lit up said for room temperature is higher section appliances not enter electricity-saving state.

Saving power: This light lit up said empty adjust electric into electricity saving state.

Temperature sensor: Real-time induction indoor temperature, control intelligent economizer work..

 Sixth section, Installation and wiring

Note: Wiring installation required by professional electricians. Section appliances were two groups of line, each group has two root fuses, including thick thread for control(Annotation for (1), thin lines for the power cord 220V(Annotation for(2)).

Single-phase air conditioning: Tearing open next firewire from the tweeters that is from Indoor machine to the outdoor machine, and then connect to a root fuses of the section appliances(1) port, the other root fuses of the section appliances(1) port connect to the original terminals wiring position of removed line; let the two line of the (2) port connect to the zero line and live wires in the terminals from indoor machine to the outdoor machine.

Three-phase air conditioning: Dismantling the line of A1 port in the air conditioning contactor, and then connect to a root fuses in the section appliances(1) port, the other root fuses in the section appliances(1) port connect to the A1 port which is in the air conditioning contactor, and let the two lines in the (2) port connect to the A1, A2 port.

 Seventh section, Energy saving rate test method

Section electrical installations completed, in load under the condition of invariable, record the electric meter readings P1, Let air conditioning operation 1 hour to record the meter readings P2, P2-P1=W1, W1 means that one hour of power consumption when the air-conditioner didn't pack section appliance, record the data. In the same load conditions, connecting the section appliances, record meter readings Q1, Let air conditioning operation 1 hour and record meter readings Q2, Q2-Q1=W2, W2 means that air conditioning install section after electric equipment one hour of power consumption, records the numerical again.

Taking the two numerical (W1, W2) as the benchmark test calculation.

What a decent return!

From the above benefit analysis clearly shows that install energy-saving devices each year after can save the electricity charges. This is just the according to the minimum energy saving 15% can have rich return, if press the average energy saving effect 25% calculations, the saving electricity charges for more substantial.

Air-conditioner intelligent power saver

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